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Thank a Support Staff Member

Written by Michela Folino
December 17, 2020

After speaking with my mentor we came up with a few ideas that I hope will take flight. The one that stood out the most to me is “Thank a support staff member”. This means cafeteria staff, custodians, campus supervisors, and instructional assistants. The support staff at my school has been incredible; nay out-of-this-world phenomenal! Our cafeteria staff prepares meals for all of our families to pick up every Monday. They distribute around 2,000 meals every Monday. Our custodians have kept our campus clean and with proper PPE for those classes that are back on campus as well as for assessments. Our campus supervisors have been helping with preparing and sending out packets to all students every month. Our instructional assistants have helped with in-person and virtual learning. I believe this would be a wonderful opportunity to thank our support staff for all of their hard work, especially after the year we have had thus far. This will help our school’s community to appreciate our support staff as well as give them the props they deserve.