Writers at Work: Making and Connected Learning—A Connectedlearning.tv Webinar Series

The National Writing Project will host a series of webinars on Tuesdays in July, at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT, titled Writers at Work: Making and Connected Learning for Connectedlearning.tv.

In our Writers at Work series we’ll take a closer look at a variety of ways in which the Connected Learning principles are being explored and embodied in schools, after-school programs, and informal learning situations.

Throughout the set of webinars, we will surface examples and “mentor texts” that further support innovation among educators and learners alike. Connected Learning TV webinars are live-streamed and include a chat feature—we invite all to participate!

July 2, 2013—Writing as Making/Making as Writing
When we think of the current Maker Movement, we often picture robotics, crafts, or digital fabrication. What happens when we push ourselves to think about writing, media-making, and the arts too? In this webinar we look at learning to write and make media within a studio or workshop tradition that bears similarities to activities in maker education. What do these frames contribute to the conversation about learning to be literate in a digital age?

Featuring: Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, National Writing Project; Nichole Pinkard, Digital Youth Network; Bud Hunt, Colorado State University Writing Project; Andrew Sliwinsky, DIY.org. Hosted by Jeff Brazil.

July 9, 2013—What Does “Interest-Driven” Look Like?
Interest-driven learning presents enormous possibilities and can lead to the creation of impassioned, authentic work by all of us. How can educators—in school and out, at home, and at libraries and cultural institutions—support youth to pursue and document the ideas that matter to them while simultaneously helping them to use a critical lens? How are youth supporting one another as they develop or engage in interest-powered, peer-mediated spaces?

Featuring: Paul Allison, New York City Writing Project; Mimi Ito, University of California, Irvine; Nicole Mirra, UCLA Writing Project; Stephanie West-Puckett, Tar River Writing Project. Hosted by Paul Oh.

July 16, 2013—Learning Pathways
How do individuals create and transform themselves as learners? In this webinar, we will explore how learning and literacy practices are shaped as youth move across contexts, leveraging the opportunities, resources, tools, and connections available to them. What do learning pathways look like as young people move across formal and informal learning contexts in pursuit of their interests in school, at home, in libraries, community centers and online? How can we design learning environments to be responsive to these pathways?

Featuring: Kris Gutierrez, University of Colorado at Boulder; Anna Smith, New York University. Hosted by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl.

July 23, 2013—From Expression to Impact: Youth Civic Engagement Enacted
From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement to the Harry Potter Alliance, participatory media is shifting ways youth see civic engagement enacted and opportunities to engage. Not only are youth voices being amplified but they are being used in ways that are meaningful, timely, and fun. How are educators fostering civic engagement in Connected Learning environments? How are principles of youth organizing adapting to the new literacies of connected learning? And, in an era of increasingly restrictive and standardized spaces, how can educators encourage meaningful, responsive civic engagement with today’s youth?

Featuring: Ellen Middaugh, Civic Engagement Research Group at Mills College; Jo Paraiso, Oakland Unified School District. Hosted by Antero Garcia.

To find out more about Connected Learning and the current series, visit Connectedlearning.tv. Details about the NWP’s Writers at Work series will be updated soon. Archives of these webinars will also be shared as they become available.