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Within nature,soil and water conservation, part2

Written by Maha Saedaway
May 07, 2015

Soil and water conservation exhibition 

Cows , Horses and Fish play a big role of water and soil conservation
.they balance econemy and healthy environment 
cow feed 100 lb grass per one day and it affect their behavier,they feed in group on grass and turn pasture to compost which will fertilize again in cycle at certain time of year , the weed and pestcide free grass , even the cow waste used to supply electricity as they light 2,( 100 )watt light bulbs for 24 hours from 30 gallon manure ,grass aslo can be used in green labels and new desgin of cardboad packaging manifacture; conseve the soil for healthy meat cows,cheese , ice  crem and yogurt ,healthy soil , healthy grass better health
horses feed at certain time of year on grass in a cycle ,conserve soil as it provide healhy hoof and stable striaght legs ,for good breed , agriculte , entertaing and enviromental condtion ,and concern in weather
 for fishs , some kind of fish  live in running stream water or   non running clean  water pond and it does not need agriculture or feltrizler, please donot pollute even though the pond has standard screen to catch derbis , twig and weed
we need to provide for cow , horse and fish lots and lots of clean fresh  unpollted 

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