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Within nature,climate change ,part 1

Written by Maha Saedaway
May 07, 2015

Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. 

From birds Alaska to reindeer  in Minnesota, a new study says animals are struggling to adapt to the new climate conditions caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which produces the carbon dioxide that warms the atmosphere.

A lot of acres of wet lands ,lakes,ponds,mountains,woodlands provide
habitat for raindeers ,moose,dragflies,frogs, fish,wild
horses,mushrooms and countless of migratory birds. Science ,schools and
technology invest as much as in people ,to support timber jobs,tourism
economy , environmental conservation and provide recreation
small , big , domestics and wild animals provide clean air and
unpolllited  water

“Climate change is the biggest threat wildlife will face this century,” says the report released today by the National Wildlife Federation, an environmental groups

I represented that idea in acrylic and oil paintings 

1.At the mountain,2009, ny,acrylic painting
2.wild flowers,2010,fl,oil painting
3. my wild horse ,2011,ny,acrylic painting
4.frog at the meadow,2009,Africa,acrylic painting
5. Dragonfly,2009,Hampton ny,acrylic painting
6.the deer,2010, ny ,oil painting
7. Sunflower butterfly,2009,Hampton ny,oil painting
8.mushrooms,2011,ny,acrylic painting
9. Pine cones,2011,ny,acrylic painting
10. Yellow warbler,2009,ny,oil painting
11.trees at the woodland,2010,ny,oil painting 
12.the  green ferns,2010,ny,acrylic stencil painting

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