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Within nature ,sound and light pollution ,part 3

Written by Maha Saedaway
May 10, 2015

Sound and light pollution
As we live in the city noise cause discomfort and restless to human ,animal and plant habitat ,by unwanted high intensity sound ,which is measured  by decibel start with zero .audible to human and increase up to 195db,noise level
Biological  sound at animal cause behavior  and hormone change ,low performance ,low efficiency and errors
At the mountain ,high altitude slopes are at winter times covered by snow ,due to the affect of gravitational forces balance lost ,the slide of the heavy weight snow cause explosion and sound pollution
Sea level rise  due to thermal expansion of ocean and melting of glacier affect red fox behavior and migration
Trees are planted to decrease sound pollution
Swans are attracted away from car sounds
Appearance of comets  ,can cause blasting of rocks and explosion noise 
Light pollution
Some nautical animals and other non nautical  animals affected by light 
Moths depend on natural  rhythm of day , night ,seasonal and lunar change of light
Artificial light disturb amphibians and reptile  feeding ,breeding and movement 
light pollution affect level of melatonin  hormone production and regulate the physiology and behavior 
Light pollution can cause retina damage ,develop irrgulaties ,reduce sperm and genetic mutation
Protect the enviroment from sound  and light pollution 
create acoustic  zoning,increase distance between source and receiver
Wear ear muffs,headphone and ear plug
Desgin better machine quiter
Create machine pass ,sound proof charm member
Create silence zone 
Plant a tree
Legislative measures
Read,increase alertness and invest  at ,
The ideas are represented ,by oil painting ,mini print ,illustration and some light photography  as the technology development ,in ultraviolet light ,infra red light ,and hologram photography 
1. Brwon tree snake,acrylic painting
2. Comet at the earth ,acrylic painting
3. Hologram twin comet,water color and hologram paper painting
4. Comet at dark sky,oil painting
5. Red fox ,acrylic painting
6. Snow at the mountain,acrylic painting
7. Tree leave,stencil painting
8. The swan ,acrylic painting 
9. Ultraviolet light,photograph by smart phone
10. Selfi,infrared photograph apple app creation
11. Gem and minrals at Fluorescent light ,photograph
12. Earth color  light, clay creation ,photograph