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Why Study History?-Student Stop Motion Video Response

Why Study History?-Student Stop Motion Video Response

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Written by David Baroody
September 22, 2013

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As an introduction to my American History class, I asked students to answer two seemingly simple questions: “Why study history?” and “Why study American history?” I warned students that they might need to go into some detail or give examples to back up their reasoning. I also asked that they submit their responses digitally.

The purposely vague directions for this first assignment were meant to invite students to push their thinking and/or push the design of their response beyond the everyday and mundane. What would they create if given the freedom to experiment and make this assignment their own?

This video shows a student’s attempt to create something new, practicing with a medium that can be honed and refined as the school year progresses.

The video also sparked other students’ interests and creativity, and it is my hope that by critically analyzing and using this mentor text, they will challenge themselves more in assignments to come.

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