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Where *isn't* the digital?

Where *isn't* the digital?

Written by Anna Smith
February 05, 2013

Welcome World! Kevin (@dogtrax on Twitter) and I are having a conversation through digital compositions. Follow our whole conversation on Jog the Web!

I’ve been thinking a lot about an ongoing conversation I have been having with Troy Hicks that is captured by the quote in the graphic below from David Wees:

At what point do we stop talking about ‘digital literacy’ and recognize that people who cannot apply their literacy in digital situations aren’t really literate any more?

After looking at David’s quote, Troy tweeted:

@hickstro Indeed… wondering how we can change the tone around the conversations related to  esp. with

Kevin and World, I am wondering if our conversation is further pushing the idea that “digital writing” is somehow a special, new, and avoidable case. Where isn’t the digital in our lives?

This was prepared on, which was, as it claims, quite easy to use. I like the Infographic look, although as most “Infographics” this is more graphic than factual…

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