Where is Inclusion Research?

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1. I was surprised at such a small sample that was used for each study. Data

collected didn’t measure the right information.

  • Study 1: 89 articles reviewed, 37 used
  • Study 2:  Only studied 4 elementary schools and 4 high schools.  Used info from both
  • Study 3: 1373 articles reviewed, only 14 used

2.  I find it appalling that We put laws into place regarding the rights of

special education students, but require no data to see if law is being


  • PL 94-142 Education for all Handicapped Children Act-free and appropriate educat0n for all children w/ disabilities 1975
  • Individuals w/ Disabilities Act 1990-least restrictive environment
  • Renewed 1997, 2004

3.  Thought process archaic, quote from 2006 article-“Overall the impact of

including students with disabilities in the classroom was not thought to be

harmful to other students.

  • My students look like all the other kids
  • 1st 2 weeks of school-“He’s yours, right?”  “Nope.”
  • Kids are hand selected for inclusion

4. Problems w/ research are

  • disagreement about definitions of type disability, inclusion, collaboration, severity.   What is mildly Learning Disabled?
  • Data collected qualitative
    • how do you measure “improved” or “better”
    • Teacher ratings are subjective

5.  Insufficient data, insufficient data, insufficient data….

6.  Affirmation that what we are doing is correct

“Two compatible teachers have A shared teaching space with a diverse

student group, shared responsibility for planning and instruction, and

substantive teaching by both co-teaching partners.”


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