Where do you learn? #wherewelearn

When we titled the book Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, we actually wanted to expand what the word “classroom” means. Many of us, when we hear that word, think immediately about the four walls of the school building. But, when you take a look at the book — which includes the classroom stories of over 18 educators from across the country — we can see that “classroom” is actually a much broader term. We are learning in much broader spaces both inside and outside of schools.

Therefore, during the month of April while we engage in in a month-long webinar series titled Equity and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom, we are also encouraging contributions to the hashtag #wherewelearn. The intention is to highlight that in the 21st century where we learning can be in many different places and spaces — and we invite you to participate!

Where do you learn? #wherewelearn