When it Finally Comes together!

The Event is Coming!

There was a small moment in time when I was fearful. I was fearful that the event I planned for my school community, for our schools students would just not come together. I feared this because of the overwhelming amount of change in just a finite amount of time. The changes jus don’t stop and I feel like are still coming….BUT….

The event is finally happening. I reached out to a third grade teacher, I really didn’t want to do this event alone, I didn’t want to just handle it, I wanted to involved my school, my community, have a team, but the changes made it hard to connect with even those on my grade level team. However, after talking with my admin I learned about a new teacher at our school. At this point she has been around all school year, but you know COVID! I never met her, seen her, heard her voice, but I reached out. I heard that she had a high enthusiasm for writing, that she loved writing and wanted more out of it so I reached out. I explained about the project, the NWP and the event I was creating. I explained about the changes I was making to reflect those changes happening in our school district at that exact moment. She was ALL IN!

I am immediately thankful, now my event truly does reflect our community. We hyped up the event at a staff meeting. We hyped up the event with our students “YOU WILL GET TO BE A PART OF THE FIRST BOOK OUR SCHOOL EVERY MAKES AND IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!” My students were excited but her students, the 3rd grade class…

before she could even move on to her daily activities she had 3 students right away tell her they wanted in.

Here is what I have coming… 23 participants. 23 families, caregivers, students all joining an event within 2 days of offering. I have 25 supply bags ready to go and I have 23 students excited to share writing, excited to bring their families into our school (virtually).  This is in the middle of a pandemic, this is all happening virtually, with some families I have never really even seen or met. I have students excited to be a part of something bigger than their own classroom assignments, students and families excited to be a part of our community and leave an everlasting message of  community to our families, caregivers, students, staff of not just this year but of those who attend this school community in ten years. They will forever have an impact on our school with the FIRST EVER PUBLICATION OF


A community writing event that brings our community TOGETHER!

So what does this really mean? It means that no matter the situation that you are in, your school, your district, that no matter what if you invite your community to your school; in person or virtually, they will come!








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