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What is a "story?"

What is a "story?"

Written by Karen Fasimpaur
July 18, 2014

Last night, during our #clmooc twitter chat, we had a very interesting discuss about what makes something a story.  Can a picture or a recipe or a light sculpture be a “story?” See the actual discussion below for more.

We thought this conversation was so fascinating (and so hard to navigate in 140 character tweets) that we want to have a hangout next week to pursue it further. You’re invited. Here’s the scheduling poll.

And if you can’t attend, consider writing a blog post or a comment here, add to this Google Doc, or even a tweet with your thoughts.

Thanks to Anna Smith, Sheri Edwards, Michael Weller, Christoper Butts, Michelle Stein, and the CLMOOC community for inspriring this.
[View the story “What is a “story?”” on Storify]

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