What I Would Like to Accomplish From This Program

I was excited when my team teacher came to me with an opportunity to create a family literacy event at our school. I have always wanted to create something like this as a way to engage my families and create meaningful learning moments for my students and families. Fostering a home-school partnership has proven to have so many important ties to students feeling successful in school, especially when they are able to have support or share something from home. I hope to accomplish an engaging, memorable family literacy event that fosters and encourages a home-school partnership where my students and families can connect with each other and other families from our community. This year has been hard for everyone and now, more than ever, it’s important to cast our nets wider and encourage communication, expand learning, and connect with one another through a family literacy event. I want my students and families to feel a connection to our school and community and I hope we can foster and grow that through this program.






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