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What I would like to accomplish from this program

Written by Lauren Cardiello
December 15, 2020

We are completing this program during a very stressful and trying time for both educators and students. During this time teachers have been challenged to make meaningful, engaging lessons that can reach students remotely. I have found that it is a struggle to keep students motivated to read, write and practice comprehension strategies. Some of my students are below grade level and struggled with in-person learning, and now at home, alone- they are at a real disadvantage. I really want to find new ways to be able to reach them and promote literacy at home during remote learning. Since others are in the same boat, I am hoping to utilize the time we have together in these workshops to network and gain new ideas. I would also like to find ways to incorporate meaningful writing assignments that help my students explore writing and sharing feeling and emotions. Lastly, I want to find ways to continue to connect with my students as we continue to work together remotely.