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What I Hope to Accomplish

Written by Jessica Suarez
December 16, 2020

Hi! TWO. MORE. DAYS. #winterbreak #wecandothis

It may be that I’m wanting this event to be so perfect, that I talk myself out of nearly every idea in my head. I am wanting such a great turnout/ involvement from parents, and I’m hoping that having the opportunity to put together something like this will give me the opportunity to really engage the school community.

Most, understandably, are tired of COVID and all that 2020 has brought us, but I think this event should be somewhat focused on the memories we’ve had/ memories we would like to make. I would really like to see it all into play that even with COVID creating obstacles in education and outside relationships, it can still be done.

I’d like to think that these times will pass, and will make for a much easier process along the way for creating events with parent-involvement goals.