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What do I Want to Accomplish?

Written by Madison Upah
December 15, 2020

During our November meeting, we were able to hear from people who had already implemented a family literacy night for their school which was exciting to hear. I am glad that they were able to share their projects and struggles which can help lead to ideas for others. During these times where everything is being taught online, I want to think of things that get parents more involved in their children’s learning that can carry over when we are back in-person. Being a kindergarten teacher, some of my students had never had a school experience, and if it were the parent’s first child, it would be the parent’s first experience too. So, through this program, I hope to accomplish a way to teach parents how to be involved in their child’s schooling starting from kindergarten and going all the way up. I am not sure how this will look yet but I am ready to start figuring it out!