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Web Literacies/ Digital Literacies

Written by Kevin Hodgson
August 24, 2012

(Note: this is adapted from a post at my blog)

I’ve been appreciating the inquiry and exploration and sharing by Doug Belshaw here. It’s interesting to think of Web Literacies as part of the larger Digital Literacies umbrella, and separating one from the other as a source of exploration is fascinating. It seems like Doug’s work with Mozilla Foundation around these issues might evolve into something larger, and it may be worth keeping an eye on as we think about the ways that literacies are shifting with the influences of technology and media.

I encourage you to view his video that explains how he is envisioning Web Literacies in comparison to Digital Literacies. In the video and related posts, he breaks down the strands of Web Literacies into these categories:

  • Exploring
  • Authoring
  • Connecting
  • Building
  • Protecting

Peace (in the inquiry),

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