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Ways teaching brings me joy.

Written by Jessica Jenkins
March 17, 2021

It goes without saying this school year has been a challenge no matter which settings a teacher is in this school year. I have been teaching online since August and it has been a roller coaster ride. Teaching online has been a huge learning curve for a teacher who was comfortable with teaching Face to Face 5th grade for years. I am in March and I am finally feeling comfortable and confident in teaching online now. What brings me the most joy in the midst of all of the madness going on in the world is my small group sessions with my students. I teacher for two two-hour blocks and hold 20-30 minutes small group sessions throughout the day. Those 20-30 minutes sessions is what brings me joy. I am able to build relationships with my students during this time and I can see their growth academically and behaviorally. Seeing students grow in academics or behavior is what brings me joy because this is showing me all of the energy and effort I am putting in is worth it.