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Want a retrospective peek at #MozFest?

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
January 15, 2013

Perhaps you saw the previous blogs and tweets by members of the DI community about this thing called MozFest and wondered what it was. Now, thanks to a most wonderfully thorough post-event report by Michelle Thorne (@thornet), you can learn all about it.  

But if you missed the posts and are wondering, what is MozFest?

The Mozilla Festival (#mozfest) is an annual read/write event for anyone interested in learning about – and making – the future of the web.

It is an unique platform for bringing together key contributors to discuss, hack on and teach the open web using Mozilla tools and beyond. The goal is to celebrate the Webmaker community and jumpstart initiatives for the coming year.

The Mozilla Festival program is designed to reflect the values of Mozilla. Participants hack and learn in small, decentralized groups. Sessions focus on solving real problems and teaching applicable skills. The schedule is always evolving in response to participants’ interests. Everything is hands-on, hackable, and collaborative.

So says Michelle, and as one of the key organizers she should know. Check out her post-event report at her blog, along with ideas about how to be a cool old person and make a nuttelachino. She covers it all.