TTT turns 300

May 30 will mark the 300th episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. Three hundred is a lot of anything, but three hundred shows is pretty significant. Arrested Development, for instance, hasn’t even hit a hundred yet, Mad Men has a mere 65 shows to their credit, and even those uber-popular GTL-ers from Jersey Shore only have 58 shows under their belt. 

So what accounts for TTT’s longevity?

The answer to that question is Paul Allison, a teacher who personifies the principles of connected learning – his practice and his curriculum is interest-powered, academically oriented, open, and he constantly reminds us of what equitable participation means. I’ve known Paul for about ten years, have visited his classroom in New York City, and have admired the works of his students on Youth Voices. In every way that I’ve known him, he’s shown what it means to be a master teacher and consummate learner.

I participate on TTT most Wednesdays, and I have to say that during the school year it sometimes feels like I’m too busy to join the conversation. But when 9 p.m. Eastern rolls around, I find myself gravitating to the TTT hangout for another inspirational episode. Through the years we’ve had conversations about topics as far ranging as fair use to ideas on how to teach our students about disasters in places like Japan or the Gulf of Mexico. We frequently talk with educators from around the globe. Invariably at the end of each hour, I’m rejuvenated. And thankful.

You never know who all will show up on Wednesdays or how the conversation will turn, but I can honestly say that TTT is by far the best professional development I’ve ever been involved with. And at the center of it all is Paul.

Do yourself a favor and join the conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m Pacific.