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Trust Me?

Trust Me?

Written by Amanda Hedrick
March 04, 2015

This week, while grading Annotated Bibliographies, Pandora did that thing we all love so much where it assumes we live more active lives than we do. When I realized it had quit on me, I pulled up the tab, admitted that Yes, I’m still listening, and was graced with this ridiculous ad for Dove chocolates.

Though extremely flawed (how did he know to pick up particular books based on those super flimsy clues?? and what does “heating up” have to do with sitting in a library eating chocolates??), this library scavenger hunt was total nostalgia for me. When I was little, my younger siblings and I would set up these indoor scavenger hunts for each other a lot. I mean, a lot.

Sometimes we’d be stuck inside because it was raining or because my mom was doing her accounting work in the other room. Sometimes one of us would have -lost- a dear stuffed animal only to be taken on a ransom note-like scavenger hunt to find him. Sometimes my little sister and I would create one for our little brother, our favorite person in the world, and all the clues would be pictures so he could toddle along from clue to clue on his own. (That didn’t keep us from bossily helping him at each step, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.)

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