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Top 10 from research

Top 10 from research

Written by Kim Hunter
July 23, 2013

Research Top 10

  1. Use interactive writing
  2. Allow kids to write in their native language & then translate
  3. Make it current — Connect learning with students’ cultures –  “accurate, authentic, and comprehensive” (Gay, 142)
  4. Integrate the arts
  5. Maintain high expectations and critical thinking
  6.  “A good way to begin is with writing in class every day, creating a non-threatening, practice-like atmosphere where traditional lecturing and grading take a back seat” (Reeves, 39).
  7. “There are four stages: honeymoon (dream stage), hostility (students show signs of fatigue and stress), acceptance (signs of making progress), home (students are comfortable in both cultures).
  8. Still more research needs to be done to understand the linguistics and such.
  9. African American students are more likely to identify with a preference for working together because of their ethnic values of working collaborative. Chinese and Japanese who are traditional may be more “bi-stylistic” because they get a lot of group motivation but they are “individualistic and deductive in actual performance delivery.” Middle-Class European Americans are most likely to be competitive and independent learners (Gay, 152)- Allow them to work collaboratively
  10.  “85% of the immigrant youth in our sample had been separate from one or both parents” for up to 10 years when a parent comes to settle into the United States which is upsetting and causes grief.
  11. Today, one-third of American children – a total of 15 million – are being raised without a father.