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Tips and Tools for YouTube

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
January 01, 2013

Looking across the wealth of Digital Is resources, I can’t help but notice the importance of video sharing as a central tool in digital writing and the sharing of practice. And so, I tip my hat to those services, Vimeo and YouTube in particular, that have supported a user-driven video revolution on the Internet. I’ve also noticed a range of comments about technical fixes and other supports for these services as educators work to ‘bend them to their will’.

Digital Is doesn’t tend to include the kinds of posts that start with titles like “10 tips for” or “25 tools you can’t live without.” We leave that to others as we’re about a different niche. But there’s no reason not to point to such resources and leave it to readers to click around. So this post is about pointing.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, an ad-supported blog by Med Kharbach, a teacher in Canada, is one of those places. The blog has created a YouTube for Teachers channel to collect the range of posts on YouTube tips and tweaks as well as pointers to new apps that make working with YouTube a little smoother. Folks working with YouTube as a service may find this a helpful link to pop into their RSS readers. Here’s a sample of posts collected there: