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Throwback Tuesday- The beginnings of "Innovation Hour," my take on 20 Time

Throwback Tuesday- The beginnings of "Innovation Hour," my take on 20 Time

Written by Carrie Honaker
July 21, 2015

This and future blog posts are meant to document my journey with the concept of 20 Time in the classroom. I started this project at the beginning of last school year and wrote about successes and failures along the way. This is post one, last August, as I planned the implementation of what became so much more than I thought it would!

From August 15, 2014:

I am not officially back to school yet, but I have been lurking around the halls and in my room over the past few days to get a feel for how I want to set it up this year. I wish we had smaller, more modular tables so that I could set up a square of tables for discussion plus some work stations, but I will work with what I have.

On the curriculum front, I plan to try out #20 time with my students. I have read a great deal about the concept of giving students 20 minutes of unfettered time to pursue something they are passionate about throughout the year. I love this idea. I saw a link to this video on Youtube that showcases a number of ways students used their #20 time at York school. If my students can do 1/10th of what those students did, I will be excited!

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