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The Power Dilemma

The Power Dilemma

Written by Jeremy Miller
September 10, 2013

By means of incredible coincidence I happen to be reading articles about lilteracy (functional, critical, and liberal perspectives) in two of my classes. This issue of power is incredibly deep, but so easily overlooked. So many questions arise when you consider those who have defined literacy, and those who have issued discourse regarding the illiterate. Further, those who publish and push the tools we use to establish literacy have themselves participated in the implementation of the power structures, even when the intention seemed pure.

As future educators, I believe it is extremely important for us to get ahold of this issue on all of it’s levels and truly consider what it is we want to be in this world. Will we perpetuate the power regime and teach our students the same? I can’t feel good about that, but where do we go from here?