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The Joy of Kindergarten

Written by Loni Edie
March 04, 2021

What brings me joy in teaching? Honestly, what doesn’t bring me joy teaching my sweet kinder cuties. My heart fills with merriment when I go out to greet them each morning and I see their eyes light up when they see me. My teacher heart is often full after a day of kinder from the hugs, the pictures i’m given and the constant reminder that I have the best job in the world. When my kiddos begin to start writing words, or they love a particular story I read, or something they’ve been struggling with finally clicks, I can give a sigh of contentment. Watching these kids go from not being able to hold scissors or a pencil, to reading words, fills me with an intense pride. Each and every one of my students is like my own child, and when they persevere over something hard or stick with a challenge, my cup definitely runneth over. My kinder group this year has had to overcome so many challenges in this ever shifting world we now live in; and they are such a resilient and strong group of kids because of it. I believe that if this year has taught our youth anything, it’s that when life knocks you down, you get back up and you try harder. My students WILL be able to do hard things. They WILL have grit. They WILL do great things. As teachers, that is our ultimate hope for our students and that is what fills my heart with joy and shines a light when times feel very, very dark.