The Joy of a Students Smile

You know that feeling you get the day before your very first day in the classroom?  I am not talking about the first day back after summer vacation starting a new year, I am talking about the first day EVER.  The butterflies in your tummy, inability to eat the morning of because you just don’t know what to expect and your overjoyed with the excitement to be teaching to a group of students for the first time?  That feeling is the same feeling I got the morning I went back IN-PERSON (hybrid) after not having a single student in my classroom for 13 days shy of 1 year.


March 1, 2021 students came back to the classroom, in-person. Backpack and computer in tow.  It was the most magical feeling. I remember the first day I started teaching, how exciting it was to teach, to be in a classroom, to get to really know my students. That was my feeling again and I loved it.  It wasn’t just me, it was the kids.  The smiles I saw, the joy on their faces.  When students returned to the classroom the one thing they said was they were excited to be here, they said they wished they could come back everyday.  Then the memo came out a week later…April 6th…FULL-TIME.  My students, as well as others in my school and district for elementary grades, got their wish and the light the shined on their faces were priceless!

So what feels my heart with joy as a teacher…..

The smiles and excitement kids show on their faces when they walk onto campus and into my classroom! Life has changed, computers are in high use, but the love for school seems greater than ever before and that feels my heart with love as I am a life-long learner myself!






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