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The great waffle make

The great waffle make

Written by Karen Fasimpaur
January 15, 2014

As makers, we often use tools.

A writer might have her favorite fountain pen. A bound journal. Novel writing software.

A carpenter has his favorite hammer. A router. An antique set of files.

A web programmer has her favorite text editor. Libraries of code snippets. Preferred debuggers.

The tools we have at hand affect the making we do.

I am a cook, and for the last five years, I have been in a transitional phase in life during which many of my belongings have been in storage. Now, I am in the process of opening those boxes and rediscovering possessions I haven’t seen in some time. What fun!

A couple years ago, I ate at a restaurant that served savory waffles as a dinner entrée. I vowed that when I got my waffle iron back, I’d try this.

Now I’m in my savory waffle period. Here are a few I’ve made.

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