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The benefits of digital tools in the teaching practice

The benefits of digital tools in the teaching practice

Written by Karim Zaibi
March 25, 2013

Indeed students feel more free , comfortable and self-responsible for their learning when they use for instance the net. Websites such us Uclass gives them access to acquaint with other students around the world like themselves and allow them to share information about a given topic. So here the net is both a social and cognitive tool that brushes up the students’ social and cognitive skill. Let’s take another expressive and relevant example. According to my teaching experience I witnessed that most of students have difficulty in the reading skill. Yet according to ELT theories, a successful teacher should be creative. So I started brainstorming to come up with a tool to improve the reading speed of students. I departed from the theory of NEW PARADIGM. I adopted the technique of karaoke which isapplied in the musical field then adapted it to the reading skill and it worked wonderfully. Students become more interested in reading and the speed and quality of their reading improved noticebaly.

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