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#techquity believing and doubting with ED677

#techquity believing and doubting with ED677

Written by Joe Dillon
January 30, 2015

Christina Cantrill is empowering the learners in ED677, her Connected Learning and Equity class at Arcadia University, to identify equity and inequity in learning spaces. To support them in that effort, we led a Twitter chat recently to engage them in a conversation about equity issues related to educational technology. I asked the participants to tweet using the hashtag #techquity in response to provocative statements excerpted from blog posts I’ve curated that address the topic. Since many of her students were new to Twitter, and because we wanted them to respond with Peter Elbow’s Believing and Doubting activity in mind, we prepared for the chat in a Google Hangout before we got started. During the chat our Hangout remained open and Christina coached and coaxed them through this immersive experience in social media. 

The participants’ tweets below – just a sampling from the full transcript– reveal the interest the group has in issues of equity and the viewpoints they bring. I will be anxious to see how their thinking about #techquity develops and changes as they continue in a course that challenges them to learn connected learning by embodying connected learning. I’m thankful to Christina and her students for the opportunity to lead the chat and even more thankful that they share their learning online in open spaces. 

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