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Teaching/Technology: On Digital Learning Day

Teaching/Technology: On Digital Learning Day

Written by Deanna Mascle
February 06, 2013

Today is Digital Learning Day. How are you celebrating? I have a confession to make. I had big plans once upon a time. I had visions of a huge collaborative community event that brought together teachers and students from Morehead State University (where I work) with teachers and students from the K-12 schools under the umbrella of Morehead Writing Project (which I direct). Then I looked at my calendar and my responsibilities and realized I might as well dream of personally ending world hunger. Not going to happen. So I wallowed in self-pity for a while and then I realized I did not need to do anything extraordinary to mark Digital Learning Day because for me every day is Digital Learning Day.

Read more about how I use technology to connect with my students, foster our work together, and create meaningful class projects on my blog Metawriting.

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