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Teaching In #6Words

Teaching In #6Words

Written by Deanna Mascle
August 08, 2015

I love six-word stories. I love to create them and I love to use them in my classes. Chances are pretty good if you have a class or writing workshop with me that lasts more than a day then you have written six-word stories with me (and often even the shorter workshops). I’ve blogged about how I use them in my classes before (Inspiring Writing, Learning in Six Words and Using Six-Word-Memoir Posters to Discuss Reading, Inspire Writing). My love for six-word stories is so great that I have expanded my repertoire to include teaching with memes as well. This was a natural step for me as I so often use artwork to illustrate my six-word stories and frequently encourage/require my students to do so as well


Read the full blog post dedicated to six ways that you can use six-word stories to support teaching on my Metawriting blog at: