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Teachers: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Teachers: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Written by Deanna Mascle
May 27, 2014

I’ve been blogging a lot about stress lately. I’m simply following Mark Twain’s advice to “write what you know” and right now I know stress! As I’ve blogged before, this is a very stressful time to be an educator and things really come to a head in the Spring which is full of high-pressure, high-stakes testing as well as decisions that affect the future of both students and teachers as well as administrators, administrative units, and even whole institutions. This is pink slip season here in Kentucky where many teachers find themselves [often] unexpectedly unemployed. I know other teachers who will have a job in the Fall, but it will be drastically different than their current job – and not always what they planned. My own personal status falls somewhere between the two. Struggling with our own personal employment stress is challenging enough, but combine it with the struggles and worries of our friends and the painful cuts (all the easy cuts were made long ago) administered by our institutions and it is overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming, immense, inordinate. That is why it is so important to put your oxygen mask on first.

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