I [heart] Detroit Future Schools: The Guide to Transformative Education

Striving to bridge effective technology integration with the best practices of social justice education has been a very narrow path [+community] for me. Few times do I come across conversations that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology in the classroom while at the same time remaining grounded in ideals for a more creative and just world [Thanks, Allied Media].

More than not, I find hope in learning spaces outside of the traditional classroom. I find out-of-school programming to have wider-ranging stories at bridging new media with important, and timely conversation about equity, fairness, and justice.

Well, I was more than delighted to come across what is becoming my favorite organization, Detroit Future Schools release their “beta” Guide to Transformative Education. This guide shares a semblance of the ideals and practices that they have been utlizing over the past couple years working in coordination with teachers in Detroit. If you would like to read more about one of their awesome teachers, please see the work of Danielle Filipiak.

If you like me, think how I can lead a human-centered holistic social-justice emerging education in my school and classroom, I highly suggest you visit the website, download the report, and [very significant] contribute to Detroit Future Schools in celebration of The Guide to Transformative Education. 

**I realized when writing this blog post that I didn’t contribute to their work myself. Before publishing, I went and did. Please do as well if you find it worthwhile. It’s a struggle everywhere to lead grassroots social change.