The Horizon Report 2012 Higher Education Edition

Horizon Report 2012 Higher Ed EditionYou are all probably familiar with the Horizon Reports from the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative. Published annually since 2004, each edition of The Horizon Report introduces six emerging technologies or practices that members believe are likely to enter mainstream use, particularly in higher education settings, within the five years following each report. The reports describe the identified technologies and cover key trends and challenges that will affect current practice over the same time frame. Each report offers examples and readings that suggest practical models as well as examples of innovative work going on among learning-focused institutions.

The Horizon Report 2012 Higher Education Edition (PDF link) describes findings from a decade-long research project on emerging technologies that are “likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry higher education.” The 2012 report is now available as a PDF and discusses these six emerging trends for higher education:

One Year or Less: Mobile Apps and Tablet Computing

Two to Three Years: Game-Based Learning and Learning Analytics

Four to Five Years: Gesture-Based Computing and Internet of Things

You can read a summary of the report in the Horizon Report 2012 Preview: Higher Education Edition (PDF). Learn more about the Horizon Project here.