Showcasing Student Work for Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day encourages everyone—teachers, librarians, school leaders, and parents—to participate, regardless of experience, in the exploration of digital teaching practices by starting a conversation, trying one new thing, and showcasing success.

On Digital Is, many educators create resources that not only showcase, but also reflect on a range of examples of student work and reflections. Instead of judging whether or not a digital learning project was “a success,” the educators listed below (and many others in Digital Is) approach their resources as opportunities to share both the work and the reflections emerging from various projects and practices. By including the reflective piece, they support themselves and their students in thinking deeply about what was learned and why it matters.

Showcasing student work focuses on the learning that happens every day.

Bringing Digital Books to Life
Kevin Hodgson

Becoming Change Writers
Gail Desler

Using Digital Projects with “At-Risk” Third Graders
Amy Brosemer

Writing for Change
Writing for Change

Using Video to Inspire Critical Analysis
Tracy Lee

A student’s products in game-based learning
Chad Sansing

Youth Root’s “Oakland State of Mind”
Paul Oh

Hearing Student Voices
Renee Webster

Poetry as a Vehicle for Social Change
Jennifer Woollven

Rethinking Composition in a Multimodal World
Leslie Moitoza

I Love My City: Youth as Problem Solvers and Creators in 21st Century Classrooms
Danielle Filipiak

Making Movies Happen
Jonathan Bartels

Podcasts as Practice and Presentation
Robert Rivera-Amezoa

Youth Say…” Lessons on Learning, Teaching, and Motivation from Young People
Joslyn Young

What amazing work have your students done lately? What work has pushed your thinking? Their thinking? And in what ways? Snap a picture, grab a link – post a resource on Digital Is and share with your colleagues.

Happy Digital Learning Day!