Learn to DJ

Las Vegas – Clark County Library District
TechArt Studios
DJ Thread: A STEM Success Story
Once upon a time about one year ago 12 years old Tyler walked into the one station DJ studio. The rest as they say is history. During the course of these 12 months Tyler became DJ Thread (stage name). He picked up on the DJing skills quite rapidly. The pictures that supplement this post are each worth 1000 words. As you can see he is polishing and mastering the use of the microphone (public speaking skills); has become familiar with the right controller for his needs (technology knowledge); went to the store and knew what to purchase because he saved his money and has been paid to perform at several events (financial management and workforce development); has excelled and has created his own business cards (entrepreneurship); has an Instagram account to share expertise (collaboration and marketing); and finally has mixed and created songs to generate sales of own CD’s (product development). I sincerely hope that this one story captures all of the self-directed learning that takes place during the Learn to DJ programs. Some HOMAGO takes place but the teens that participate in Learn to DJ are truly focused and take DJing as a serious hobby. One of the major learning experiences from a library perspective that has been learned is that the staff culture has to embrace these emerging best practices. If library staff focuses on curiosity and relationship building with teens they will create a learning environment and the library will be a place for transformation and lifelong learning – not just a library.