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  • Thinking about youth participation in cMOOCs

    Thinking about youth participation in cMOOCs

    (cross posted from K12 Open Ed) The cross-generational learning experiences that I’ve participated in have been uniquely powerful. This is leading me to think about how we might include more youth in our connectivist learning MOOCs. My question is – what would incentivize youth to participate? In many ways, this is the same question I…

  • My personal MOOC learning

    My personal MOOC learning

    (cross-posted from K12 Open Ed) Over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about MOOCs, both as a participant and as a facilitator, in all cases as a learner. Much like my learning curve with Twitter, I dove deep and went from “meh” to “wow.” One of my biggest leaps in understanding came when I…

  • What does “deeper learning” mean?

    What does “deeper learning” mean?

    (cross-posted from K12 Open Ed) I’m working on another MOOC, this one focused on deeper learning, and it is prompting me to think a lot about what deeper learning means to me. (As background, the Deeper Learning MOOC or DLMOOC is a free, flexible, nine-week online course that will allow K-16 educators to learn about…