The Webcomic Challenge: Acknowledging the Naysayers

Dear Anna and the world,

So far, we’ve exchanged video talks, and then screencasts, and now, I am inviting you to create a webcomic via Dan’s Awesome Ragemaker Comic.

The topic?

How do we acknowledge the opposite view of our discussions: the fear that digital writing is not unique, or that it is bad for our students to be composing with digital tools and spending time on digital spaces? This stems from a long discussion I had with a parent the other day, who supported my work with technology but expressed worries, too. Those concerns echoed ones I have as a parent, too.

Here is mine:
Acknowledging the Naysayers

And as has been my custom, I created a webcomic reflection, with a little twist. I created you, Anna, as a character and added you into my comic. I am hoping you are OK with that (I’m pretty certain you will be) and it will give me a chance in the future to do more reflections my talking to “you” in my webcomics.

I hope you have fun with this challenge, Anna. Remember, I would like you to use Dan’s Awesome Rage Maker Comic (but feel free to take in any direction you see fit).