Springing in to DI: A Quick Reflection

This morning I realize that I am about halfway through this month of trying to write a blog-a-day for DI.  While I have missed a couple of weekdays, the process has been rather consistent and has taught be a few things about daily engagement with this resource:

* DI is incredibly rich and complex:  Engaging briefly with the site is difficult to do.  I have found that there are really no “quick and easy” blogs to write (which has taught me much about this genre as well).  When I start to dig in to the site (or even just dip in), I find myself exploring and reading for quite some time.  It takes effort to process this information and to form a specific and well-articulated idea for a post.

* Commenting is a powerful, quick, and under-utilized tool:  While blogging does take protected time, commenting is an easy way to engage with DI resources.  It also leads to rich and valuable ideas.  As I have explored comments, I have found new resources and potential resources embedded in them.  I have also observed the start of new, curated collections.

* Bookmarking is essential for organization:  Because DI is so complex and constantly evolving, I have found that bookmarks allow me to map my way through the resource and to understand my history as a participant and contributor.  Looking back at my bookmarks allows me to reflect on where I have been and strategize about next steps.

* There is a “return on my investment” of time:  Most of us are very busy people with professional and personal demands on our time.  When we can “save something for later,” many of us do.  Yet, I have found that engaging with DI on a daily basis and really thinking about various elements of the resource has deepened my thinking about practice and scholarship and stimulated new ideas that enrich all the other business that needs to get done.  It also has helped me to think about the future and to begin to reevaluate pedagogical choices and brainstorm about new research projects.

As I embark on the second half of this blogging journey, I am excited about learning more about the resource and myself as a learner and contributor.  It has been a rewarding experience so far and very well worth the investment of my time.