The Olymp-i-a Challenge: Writing in 3D! Peace, Green-Living, and Health! // Oct 14-20 Lights On Afterschool Event Announcement

Check out the Olymp-i-a Challenge, a simple, yet powerful, writing exercise to help children and youth increase awareness and empathy and strengthen life skills in peace, green-living, and health.  The “i” and the “a” in “Olymp-i-a” stand for positive ideas and actions.  The Challenge engages children and youth in a journaling practice in which they write (or draw) about what they think and do for peace, green-living, and health in their daily lives.

The Olymp-i-a Challenge can be done by youth as individuals or in groups in a variety of settings (school classrooms, school libraries, school clubs, afterschool programs, homeschool settings, Scouts, public libraries (reading clubs, etc.), Special Olympics…). The exercise complements and supports existing programs and curricula.  Read more at:  

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT for This Week Oct 14-20!  

To celebrate Lights on Afterschool 2013, please particpate in the Olymp-i-a Challenge Lights On Afterschool Global Online Event This Week, October 14-20.  Encourage and help children and youth enter positive ideas and actions for peace, green-living, and health online.  Participate any time this week.  It’s easy!  1 click on the link. 1 entry.  Done!  See the “Educator Innovator” blog post:  Adult mentors and teachers can do it too!  

Let’s celebrate the power of youth to make a better world!

For more information about the Olymp-i-a Challenge, visit the Idea4Idea website and the Olymp-i-a Challenge publications