Educator Innovator Webinar Archive—Mozilla Webmaker’s Thimble: A “Gamechanger”

On April 10, 2014, Educator Innovator hosted a webinar in partnership with Mozilla’s Webmaker team. The webinar focused on Thimble, a tool developed by Mozilla’s Webmaker team to allow anyone to be a creator of the web and not just a consumer. Thimble was recently recognized as one of the best educational tools online—a “game changer”—of 2014 and given an “ON for Learning” award by Common Sense Media and its Graphite platform. This webinar featured Jeffrey Knutson of Common Sense Media; Chris Lawrence of Mozilla’s Webmaker; Paul Oh of the National Writing Project, and Kim Wilkens of Tech-Girls.

You can find a full archive of this webinar at Educator Innovator.