Computing Power

Today, every industry is powered by software. In my community, Codecraft Lab is an important connector and advocate for making sure every student has a chance to gain the software skills that she or he can use in any industry.

While many jobs of the future don’t even exist yet, computer programming skills and concepts will help students excel at any job tomorrow. Design, advertising, acting, sports, manufacturing, farming, teaching, aerospace engineering, or national security; all of these are improved with the use of computer programs.

As a mom, and a community member, I don’t want my kids to move away for the best jobs or the best education. Instead, I’d rather they have opportunities here. I want my family and friends to be able to get the best jobs, at high tech start ups or manufacturing firms, right here. 

Do we have the computing power it takes to compete?  Giving young people early access to computer sciences provides a whole new meaning to the term computing power. It is that human computing power that the high-tech companies in our county will need in the future.

So, is our community future ready? I think we are getting there!  All around us we have some of the top tech companies in the country including Rockwell Collins, GE, and Privicee. Companies in our town are strong supporters of learning to code and STEM education. Their employees volunteer their time to teach our students and more importantly, they prove that our kids don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to succeed. 

The high-tech tide is rising, and no doubt it will take a community coalition of parents, business leaders, civic champions, and educators to build our software learning ship.  All aboard!!