“Making and Education Reform: Learning to Ride the Wave” with Julian Sefton-Green

What are the various reasons behind ‘making as learning’ gaining traction in the education reform arena? Read Julian’s full post on

DMLcentral.net: http://bit.ly/19M9dAU. You can learn more about Julian on his blog at www.julianseftongreen.net.


Intro to “Making and Education Reform: Learning to Ride the Wave”

At this moment in time, on both sides of the Atlantic, digital making and the maker movement is enjoying its time in the sun. A combination of policy concerns, technological developments, learning theories, social opportunities and articulate enthusiasts have come together and, although the maker movement is a bit of a minority sport, it seems to have broken through into the mainstream.

I want to try to flesh out why making and the maker movement seems to have gained so much traction in the reform arena because it helps us to understand what combination of factors are needed to make an impact in the contested and conflicted world of education…


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