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  • #ce14 Visual Stories: Why I Continue to Teach

    #ce14 Visual Stories: Why I Continue to Teach

    This week, I wanted to take a different approach. Using the same time that I reserve to write a post, I took the time to visualize one:    Source photo: Title and other information from caption card. LOT 0216 (Location of corresponding print.)Transfer; United States. Office of War Information. Overseas Picture Division. Washington Division; 1944.…

  • #ce14 Time-Out: Philadelphia Teachers Were Insulted Today

    #ce14 Time-Out: Philadelphia Teachers Were Insulted Today

    I could’ve rapped about my hard times on this song But heaven knows I would a been wrong I wouldn’t a been right, it wouldn’t a been love It wouldn’t a been life, it wouldn’t a been us This can’t be life -from Scarface on “This Can’t Be Life.” [explicit lyrics on this link] This…

  • #ce14 Connects Educators, but When Will Educators and Communities Connect?

    #ce14 Connects Educators, but When Will Educators and Communities Connect?

    There has been an ever growing movement to connect teachers across the world with one another for professional development, sharing resources and stories, and overall elevating individual and collective practice. I love this. I benefit from it. I cheerlead it around my school. But underneath, I know something is missing from this formula that we estimate to…

  • Happy Connected Educator Month!

    Happy Connected Educator Month!

    As you probably know, October is Connected Educator Month (CEM). This is a month full of activities to establish or strengthen our online connections with others. Many of us have found that being “connected” has deepened our teaching and learning practices and made them more rewarding, and that’s what this month is all about.

  • Making Memes for CE13

    Making Memes for CE13

    I’ve been making memes this weekend for Connected Educator Month. Why? Heck, why not? Peace (in the sharing), Kevin

  • Talking Back to the Book: Invent to Learn

    Talking Back to the Book: Invent to Learn

    Over at MiddleWeb, I recently reviewed Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom by Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager and found it be such a great resource for wrapping one’s head around where to begin with the move to get kids making things again in a learning environment. (See my review).…

  • Get Connected

    Get Connected

    It’s October, which means it is Connected Educator Month, as various networks of teachers and educators come together to showcase and strengthen the ways in which we build on our collective knowledge, share out our expertise, and create rich learning environments for our students. At the Connected Educator website (which, should be noted, is funded…

  • Connected Educator Month and the National Writing Project

    The National Writing Project is a partner in Connected Educator Month, launching in August 2012. Connected Educator Month is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, focused on connecting educators with online communities and learning networks. Visit the Connected Educator Month website to find out about more events offered by a range of communities…