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  • Computational Thinking For All

    Computational Thinking For All

    Two years ago, Kenwood Elementary elementary in Champaign, IL teamed up several Colleges at the University of Illinois and the local social think tank, CTRL-Shift.  At the basis of this collaboration is the idea that teaching all students the skills of computational thinking is an exercise in social justice and community empowerment in line with…

  • Shifting Education Through Local Community  Building

    Shifting Education Through Local Community Building

    A group of disparate individuals, engaged in passionate discussion, sit leaning in, elbow to elbow, in a darkened bar with drinks in hand.  Many a revolution has started with that same picture right? CTRL-Shift (http://ctrlshift.mste.illinois.edu/), for me and for many others, has been just that: A revolution.  Begun by a group of local entrepreneurs and…