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  • Connected Learners #ce13 #clmooc

    Connected Learners #ce13 #clmooc

    Once again I am inspired by the conversation encouraged from the people at the National Writing Project and The Connected Learning site . I received my email newsletter, The National Writing Project Daily, and found the link to the live webinar discussion of “Connecting to Something Bigger: The Power of Open, Peer-to-Peer Learning.”

  • Talking Back to the Book: Invent to Learn

    Talking Back to the Book: Invent to Learn

    Over at MiddleWeb, I recently reviewed Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom by Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager and found it be such a great resource for wrapping one’s head around where to begin with the move to get kids making things again in a learning environment. (See my review).…

  • Remix This Tube: Where I’m At

    Remix This Tube: Where I’m At

    (this is reposted from my blog) During the summer in the Making Learning Connected MOOC, Sara Green posted a “tube map” style illustration of some of her learning. It was very cool. Then, in the spirit of the CLMOOC, Chad Sansing took Sara’s concept and built a remixable Thimble page for anyone to use. I…

  • “What Connected Education Looks Like”

    “What Connected Education Looks Like”

    The New York Times Learning Network asked this question of me and 27 other educators to kick off Connected Educator Month: What might “connected teaching” or “connected learning” — that is, using technology to build communities and share knowledge — look like in practice? Describe one recent example, small or large, from your own classroom…

  • Get Connected

    Get Connected

    It’s October, which means it is Connected Educator Month, as various networks of teachers and educators come together to showcase and strengthen the ways in which we build on our collective knowledge, share out our expertise, and create rich learning environments for our students. At the Connected Educator website (which, should be noted, is funded…

  • Happy Connected Educator Month!

    Happy Connected Educator Month!

    Today is October 1, 2013 and that means it is the first day of Connected Educator Month, a month-long exploration of key educational issues through online communities and networks, dedicated to broadening and deepening educator participation, as well as bringing online communities and education leaders together to move towards a more fully connected and collaborative…