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  • Why Study History?-Student Stop Motion Video Response

    Why Study History?-Student Stop Motion Video Response

    The original posting and video can be viewed at As an introduction to my American History class, I asked students to answer two seemingly simple questions: “Why study history?” and “Why study American history?” I warned students that they might need to go into some detail or give examples to back up their reasoning. I…

  • A Slowly, Tilting Website

    A Slowly, Tilting Website

    (This is pulled from my blog) The other day, a companion in the Teach the Web MOOC shared out a feature in Firefox that I didn’t even know existed. It allows you to get a 3D view of a website. Check out these two screenshots that I took of my blog site: What is amazing…

  • My First Day of School

    The New York City Writing Project published its ‘Back to School’ Stay Connected Newsletter and shared this video which “invites readers to a common space in remembering their many first days of school.”