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Springing in to DI: A Morning of Comments

Written by Katherine Frank
March 08, 2012

This morning I started exploring other DI blog posts and decided to make some comments.  Inspired by the fabulous conversation taking place at in the study group “Writing and Inquiry in the Digital Age,” I aimed to continue the conversation in other areas.  In so doing, I was reminded once again of the incredible ideas that are put forth by my NWP colleagues.  I’m ready to join Nicole Schon’s iPad study group, and Jason Sellers seemed to read my mind with respect to optimizing Prezi.  It is through these conversations that we “dig in” to the inquiry process and truly sustain our work as educators and learners.

iPad Study Group


What a great idea, and I may be contacting you to join!  Your comment about the power of this study group truly captures the power of the entire NWP network and articulates why I, for one, continue to seek out opportunities to stay engaged in the “work”: 

“…this study group represents the true essence of SCWriP–teachers binding together to learn from each other and pursue a deeper understanding of their practice…it is the journey that matters.”

The approach of using the iPads to engage in, communicate about, and generate the work is complex, rich, and yet so simply powerful and effective.  I am looking forward to reviewing your notes and learning from this group.


Peer Learning – What a “Digital Is” thing to do!

After only a few days of introductions, the conversation about digital communication/literacies is incredibly layered, rich, and engaging in the P2PU study group.  If this energy continues throughout the three-week process (I believe there were more than 120 posts this morning when I checked in), I can’t imagine the number of ideas, points of entry into new projects, and potential that will be revealed.

It is clear to me that people are eager to communicate, to dig in to complexities, and to learn from this process.  We manage to do so in the small spaces in time and place in our busy schedules, and these moments propel us forward–invigorate and excite us.

There is a diverse collection of voices, perspectives, and expertise represented in the conversation underway, and we are all learning from each other.  No matter your skill level or philosophy about “the digital,” there is space for your voice.  Please join us!


Optimizing Prezi UI for Educators

Thank you for posting this, Jason.  My university students are mesmerized by Prezi as well.  I just had a student select Prezi as his genre for redefining (without using definition) Victorian domesticity, and he selected Prezi because he had just been introduced to it in an online Spanish culture class.  He was excited about the program, other students were engaged with it, and the discussion about the relationship between form and content was extremely productive.

I would like to feel more comfortable creating Prezis, and yes, I would like for the “creating” itself to be more efficient.  Part of this is me, of course–I need to use Prezi more in order to develop the familiarity with the program that will allow me to identify more efficiencies, but as you point out, there are adjustments that could be made to improve Prezi itself.

I haven’t looked yet, but have you created any DI resources on your uses of Prezi in the classroom?  If so, I can’t wait to read them.  If not, please, please create some!


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