Simplicity: My one little word (OLW) and plan for 2015

This blog post is inspired by Anna Gratz Cockerille of Two Writing Teachers and their “One Little Word” challenge. Anna writes:

“A One Little Word acts a beacon, a guiding light, directing one’s way for the year. When you get inundated with all that life brings, this is a word that can help you know what deserves your YES, and what really should get a NO. The right OLW will help to focus your time and energy away from that which is making the most noise and toward that which you truly value.”

I’ve been thinking about my one little word ever since I first read Anna’s blog post and was further inspired by others’ response to this idea including Kim Douillard’s reflection on her 2014 word – Play – and Kevin Hodgson’s playful display of his word – Pause. Of course, I overthought this as I am wont to do and it was only when I looked at last week’s blog post (Keep It Simple, Stupid) that I knew my word had to be Simplicity. Simplicity will make me a better teacher and simplicity will make me a happier person. Simplicity will keep me sane even if it doesn’t make me a better person or better at my job (or will it?). Simplicity is a word that I can use to guide me through my year and avoid the rocks and shoals.

What is your #OneLittleWord for 2015?

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