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Share your Inquiries and Earn a Badge at NWP Digital Is!

Written by Christina Cantrill
January 22, 2013

Want to share your work and inquiries while earning a badge for doing so? Get a self-awarded “Digitizer” or a challenge-completion “Creator” for sharing and publishing your work, or otherwise contributing, to NWP Digital Is.


These badges are issued through Peer to Peer University (P2PU) and are part of a challenge called “Created a Digital Is Resource for the World!”

As an emerging knowledge base created and curated by its members, NWP’s Digital Is website focuses on what it means to teach writing in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. This challenge is meant to support you in creating a multimodal (multimedia/text) resource for the Digital Is website that focuses on your inquiry and practices and supports dialogue and knowledge-building in related fields.

Creating a resource in Digital Is with a focus on digital writing and connected learning is a way to share your work with the world in way that will help to form and inform emerging theory and practice. And there are many there to support you in developing your work further too.

Ready? Let’s begin!